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The Y, like most charities, was started and run by volunteers. Today, across North America, on average there are nine volunteers for every paid staff. Under the leadership of those pioneering volunteers, the Y evolved as a member-based organization where membership is open and available to all, and the Y always provides financial assistance to those in need.



Y volunteers enjoy benefits that reach beyond personal satisfaction. The Y invests in each volunteer through top quality training, evaluation, leadership opportunities and recognition. There are opportunities for everyone’s skills and interests.

Volunteering at the Guelph Y is a fun, active, and rewarding learning experience. The Guelph Y strives to give people the opportunity to share their skills and knowledge while providing services to others within our community url.

We encourage our volunteers to grow with us, and offer ongoing training and development, as well as practical experience working with preschoolers, youth, teens, and adults in a variety of settings.


To Become a Volunteer at the Guelph Y, The first step is deciding which programs you would be interested in volunteering for:





A positive and caring attitude towards caring for young children, age 10+. (anyone under the age of 18 must attend YMCA Leader Corps)


A fun personality and nurturing attitude for helping youth develop healthy habits, age 15+. (anyone under the age of 18 must attend YMCA Leader Corps)


Experience playing and coaching sports, age 18+, Standard First Aid/CPR.


A passion for health and fitness, exercise experience, age 16+, Standard First Aid/CPR, appropriate certifications depending on role. (training can be provided)


Strong swimming skills, experience working with youth, age 13+, Emergency First Aid/CPR, Bronze Medallion or higher certificate.

Special Events

All are welcome!


Once you’ve decided which role is right for you, fill out an application form! Application forms can also be found by visiting the Member Service desk at the Guelph Y.

Give some thought as to why you want to volunteer, what you hope to gain from your volunteer experience, and what skills and experience you have that will make you a great volunteer at the Y.


Apply for positions by checking out our JOB and VOLUNTEER LISTINGS!

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