High Ropes Course Promotes Personal Achievement

Camp Nagiwa’s move to the new location at Lakefield College School comes with the addition of some incredible resources and new camp activities. New this year, Camp Nagiwa is offering a High Ropes course, a climbing and rappelling tower and an indoor climbing wall.

High Ropes, as a form of adventure activity, therapy, and team building is increasing in popularity, and there are some great reasons why!

Personal Achievement and Success
Challenge courses aren’t just about completing an element, or crossing a two-line bridge, they are about reaching your goals. Your goal might be to complete two elements during your time on the ropes, or it might be to climb the ladder. You choose the goal that’s right for you. Challenge courses allow you to set your own goals, and your own limits; allowing every one of us to be a success.

Developing Teamwork and Team Enthusiasm
Challenge courses contain many elements, some individual, some which require partners, and some which involve a team. No matter what the element calls for, if you are on a challenge course, you will learn the importance of good communication, how to work with others to stay safe, and how working with others can be more fun. Nothing says trust and teamwork like leaping into the air supported by 6 of your friends!

Developing Strength and Balance
The challenge course demands your body to use muscles that it doesn’t commonly use. Your balance is tested and your brain is challenged to keep you moving in a new environment. What you gain from the experience can be small or large, but it will stay with you long after you have climbed down from the treetops.

On top of everything else you gain from challenge courses, they are some of the safest activities you can participate in at camp. Our staff are highly trained and certified to offer an amazing and safe experience.

Do you have more questions about High Ropes and other activities at Camp Nagiwa? Email Camp Director, Luc Cousineau at luc_cousineau@ymca.ca

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